It’s true that in order to survive the modern day society we must be independent. Our world shifts rapidly every second so we must learn to adapt on our own in order to survive. Good or bad, safe or danger, utopia or dystopia—these are the states that were constantly surrounding the concept of being independent in so many societies. A government constructed independence.

Being independent goes hand in hand with a lot of responsibilities. The matter is in our hand now to lead our country, and ourselves to its true freedom.

50% of the proceeds from this T-Shirt sale will go to our friends in need in Papua through a non-profit organisation Elege Inone in hope to present more opportunities to increase education in the province.

We also have a special mixtape courtesy of Guling to get your Indonesian on.

We’re grateful for each purchase of ‘Utopia / Dystopia’ T-Shirt from 17 Aug till 7 Sep — 50% of the profit amounted at Rp had been forwarded to our friends in Papua through elegeinone via Benih Baik

There’s one thing I got as the reference of how electronic music in Indonesia was evolved. It was thebearly electronic music festival in Yogyakarta named ‘Mencari Harmoni’ (Finding Harmony), which I heard from the elder generation. Even though I wasn’t experience that era, the name was so poetic and it always remind in my head when i confused to make something. And it happen also when this mix are made, it was a process how the strange noises slowly became familiar things to swallow. (Guling)

1. Otto Sidharta – Perc & Gliss
2. I Wayan Ari Widyantara – Kau (Glochids Remix)
3. Dewa Alit – Bongol / Deaf / Not Hearing
4. Harry Roesli – Asmat Dream
5. Fraktal – Dialektik
6. Black Merlin – Time In Motion
7. Kucing (Puisi Sutardji Calzoum Bachri)
8. Homicide – Sajak Suara
9. RMP–3’32”
10. I Gede Yudi Dananjaya – Wed (Vancouver Electronic Ensemble Remix)
11. Sapto Raharjo & Andre Jaume – Malioboro
12. Wahono – Pakar Gula Gending
13. Omar Joesoef – Chants Of Gorontalo
14. Aditya Permana – Dewan Revolusi
15. Guling – Pagelloria
16. Setabuhan – Tabuh Langit Tanduk Jawara (Jonathan Kusuma Remix Version 2)
17. Raissa – Ristik
18. Senyawa – Kabau (Anugrah 4×4 Remix)

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