D-10 In Pursuit of Magic - Out Now!!!

DOMESTIK is the brainchild of Indonesian artist Ryan Ady Putra. First established in the late 2016 as a passion project for his fascination towards unspoken narrative of Indonesian history, and continues to be his platform to spark conversations for the voiceless artefacts rooted back in ancient time.

DOMESTIK was born to simplify public’s access to learn about the vast Indonesian culture. We showcase the concept through the most fundamental article of clothing to keep it relevant to all walks of life. We continuously expand our products accordingly to strengthen our statement, based on whatever latest discoveries that inspire us.

We believe in linking the past with the present that would lead us to the future. DOMESTIK is for the culture; street, fashion, graphics, but most importantly Indonesia. We aim to share our vision that would open up endless opportunities for different cultures to clash and collaborate.

There’s no right or wrong way to interpret what you see, DOMESTIK is here to entrance.

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