For over decades, our fellow Indonesian has been celebrating the independence day with various practical events that have been turned into habit. Organizing traditional games, public ceremony, and many festivities revolve around the day as a way to honor the spirit of former anchestor. But today, on August 17th 2020, it just ain’t the same. We stayed at home, practicing social distancing.

To cherish the day,  there are still things you can do at home. Participate in flag hoisting, watch some historical movies, and read some biography books to revving up national pride and nationalism. Or just do a trivia of anything related with Indonesia with your loved-ones.

To stay connected, we present you a mixtape from our fellow curator, Eversomber to commend the day.

Stay vibing and keep your mask on!

Domestik · Angon Mix by Eversomber

Celebrate Indonesia’s 75th Independence Day with special mix by Eversomber called Angon Mix.

Track list:

– Intro
– GSP – Melati Suci
– Trio Bebek – Lagu Putih
– Indra Lesmana feat. Bertha – Devotion
– Swami – Bongkar
– Black Bros. – Saman Doye
– Golden Wing – Hear Me
– Shark Move – Evil War
– Madlib feat. Karriem Riggin & Freddie Gibbs – City
– Koes Plus – Kelelawar
– Cut Chemist feat. Hymnal – What’s The Altitude
– Yanti Bersaudara – Badminton
– Jedi Mind Tricks – Death Toll Rising
– The Steps – Modjang Priangan
– Yanti Bersaudara – Lembur Kuring
– Emilia Contessa – Putri Dusun
– S. Effendy – Keagungan Tuhan
– S. Effendy – Bimbang & Ragu
– The Brims – Anti Gandja
– Benyamin S. – Superman
– ? – Kuda Lumping
– January Christie – Aku Ini Punya Siapa
– The Rhythm Kings – Dunia Kita

Cover artwork by EVERSOMBER //