“Looking back, Pesona (D-001) spread out of things what we picked up based what we thought about Indonesia. Blooming into several trifling but actually, we don’t pay any attention of what mostly people talk into what beauty Indonesia is. Sounds cliche? We don’t care. Neither we talk about a counter how to see in other perspective. In Punk way, we just talk what we want to talk. Maximum Ancient Security, adapted well from Gupolo what they called statue of bodyguard in mythology. The stories collected, how our country have a long standing sites. Manuscripts,statues,even folklores. Looks rich enough? Out standing amount!
Ancient is a milestone rewards.Some part still alive with mystification, some part missing either stolen, and the rest have a huge-bunch of valuable cost. Do you think that we just like an historian kids whose gonna tell you about what is this and what is that? Please don’t maximise your google. “
(D-005 RELIC)