DOMESTIK returns in early 2020 with their sixth release, “EVIDENCE (D-006)”. Every collection is treated by DOMESTIK as check point, a mark on their insight exploration. Through EVIDENCE (D-006), DOMESTIK tries to compile visual interpretations that couldn’t be realized on the previous releases and thread it as one collection. EVIDENCE (D-006) is an effort to deliver messages from between eras whether it’s essential elements found from cultures across Indonesia to information being passed through different media and platforms. Among others, fractal geometry of Hindu temple, Indonesian 1970s mystery and criminal magazine, and traditional puppet love story inspired graphics are inserted to the pieces in this collection. To complement the sense of indirect memos and clues for the release, DOMESTIK also collaborated with Argentinian illustrator and designer Gustavo Eandi to work on 2 designs.
Whether it’s new knowledge or just another mystery, hope these evidences present you a little bit of our history as it rolls.