As the first collection released in 2021, Domestik chooses the title ‘ADAPT’ to evince that Domestik is one dynamic brand that, even during the current unexpected phenomenon in the world, stays relevant and productive. This global pandemic evidently became the main inspiration for this launch. Instead of ignoring what happened, Domestik picked it up as a narrative and translate it in the form of graphic T-Shirts as a closure to this discouraging event surrounding the world, especially in Indonesia.

2020 was a weird year because it forced people to follow the ‘new normal’; stay at home, wear a mask, social distancing, constantly wash their hands, and so on. All of a sudden we were evolved into such health-conscious human beings, more than we ever did. On another note, people seemed to be having new hobbies to fill in their free time from having to do everything in forced solitary. In Domestik’s latest collection, you’ll see a lot of the common things we associate 2020 with such as the bats that were rumored to be the cause of this chaos, to the spiritual themes that seemed intriguing because so many of us were abruptly looking for answers from the higher being as doomsday has never felt so close before. Exploration of nature was a big subject matter too since human’s interest in plants and urban farming had peaked during this time.

Yet, there are so many more interpretations to pay attention to from ‘ADAPT’. The name was chosen in conjunction with the only thing that led us to survive so far: adapting. Domestik wants to celebrate what we had experienced in the past year through this collection.

This concept then being realised through this SS21 editorial shoot—overcast skies in the afternoon at an uninhabited playground as the backdrop with little to no sunlight to almost mirror how we feel during this present time, and the youth appeared to be savoring their time at the park that was far from ideal. A distant Utopia.

At the end of the day, adapting is the one substantial thing for us to do to end 2020 and come back stronger.

D-007 ADAPT Editorial Photo

Valensia Harumi Edgina / @valedgina
Asst. Photographer
Cliff Adam / @cliffadam
Dinda Pramesti / @dinda.pramesti
Agasty Maulida / @agasty.maulida
Ryan Hagenz / @ryhgns
Salmaa Chetizsa / @salmaache
Andrea Christina / @dre.hasan
Kadek Susanti / @randomsuesun
Bono Wegman / @brazybonz