Domestik was born half a decade ago motivated by nothing but the desire to challenge ourselves to be more creative. Lacking experience, wisdom, and judgment, we were naive enough to embark on this unknown journey with no business plans nor enough capital to begin with. We pushed through the waves and managed to rise stronger even though we chose one of the hardest environments to develop out there. Organically, we are now entering our 5th year milestone being in this fast-growing industry and we couldn’t be more grateful for the trust.

Domestik would be nothing without our family, who’ve supported and inspired us from day one. Heavy graphics that became a visual signature to our brand sparked the idea to have these bold logos and designs by a few of our friends who contributed to our special anniversary launch. We’re lucky to have brands such as (in no particular order) Uxe Mentale, Prmtvo, Powers, Real Bad Man, Very Special, Adish, 917, Funguys, Ramps, Token, and Ignored Prayers to stand alongside Domestik this far.

100% of the proceeds of this launch will go to Rice For Bali–a Bali based independent NGO established by Wayan Anggriani that was started as a dare: to collect 1 ton of rice before her birthday in the beginning of the global pandemic in April 2020, which then was distributed around the island to help those who were in need at the time. Since starting, she’s been collecting over 60 tons of rice for more than 65 villages in the North, West and East Bali, and is continuing to do so. Giving back to Bali is the perfect opportunity for us to also mark the move of Domestik’s HQ to the Island of the Gods.

So what’s next for Domestik? We’re still here to learn and evolve. Just like most 5 year olds, we’ll be running around, shouting ‘look at me!’, and develop new skills along the way. As a brand we must not stop finding new issues to raise and spark conversations. Domestik is not just a T-shirt that you could put on–it’s an endless topic, a call to action, and a way for constant communication.

–Ryan Ady Putra, Domestik founder