We hope you’re all healthy and sanitized.. Here’s DOMESTIK Tape #4 by DISKORIA to keep each other company at a safe distance. From Bubi Chen to Jockie Saputra, from jazz-samba-pop bossas to disco-classic disco. We feel the mix left an important message with its track diversity: that no matter how hard and weird this situation is, we still got each other. So call your loved ones and ask how they’re holding up, share a meme or a playlist to your friends, we’ll get past this soon.

Keeping our friends in small businesses in our thoughts, we’ll see each other on better days.


Taman Asmara – Marini & Bubi Chen
Christi – Bonny Rollies
Suka Suka – Herman Gelly
Scorpio – Bonny Rollies
Indahnya Cinta Pertama – Rien Djamain
Dian Asmara – Mondo Gascaro & Rien Djamain
Belenggu – Grace Simon
Yamko Rambe Yamko – Mellyana
Pesona – DMC
Cerah – Christine Panjaitan
Bawalah Cintaku – Christ Kayhattu
Suara Jiwa – Atty Tetelepta
Lukisan Malam – Sam Saimun