By Admin / July 1, 2018

The Best Under-the-Radar Brand of 2017 (Editor's Choice)

Via Highnobiety
For our Editor’s Choice for the Best Under-the-Radar entry this year, we had to single out one brand from a wealth of emerging talent. It would be remiss not to mention how much we liked the metallic chain motif from GFT, or the webstore design from 1KCORP. However, after some debate, we’re championing what we believe has the tenacity to grow into something really special (while also bringing us back to our streetwear roots), which is why we’ve chosen Indonesian brand, Domestik. Firstly, what’s not to like about repurposed images of ’80s Indonesian pornos, martial arts and tropical firestorms? In its relatively short lifespan, what Domestik has done so well is tap into the core of what makes streetwear so brilliant: slapping interesting and esoteric graphics onto T-shirts. Domestik has now traveled over 7,000 miles to be sold at the prestigious Dover Street Market, which is commendable for such a young brand. By drawing attention to the colorful Indonesia-inspired visuals, Domestik is comparable to Gosha Rubchinskiy who effectively put Russia on the map as a go-to aesthetic for styleheads around the world. In 2018, we’re excited to see what other kind of graphic offerings Domestik can surprise us with, as well as hopefully watch them expand into designing other garments and build on their international presence, possibly turning Indonesia into the next style hotspot.