Louis Goodall came as a line up collaboration in our lastest drop, called Esoteric. Relighting This Fire came in pretty cool artwork, with main of his style of graphic. On this time, we have a short Q&A which tell us about himself in many things, why we chose him to be our guess on Esoteric.

1.‘Hi Louis, please introduce yourself.
I’m 24 years old. Been based in London for 4-5 years now. I do graphics, skate when I can, hang out, go out etc.

2.Looking at your selected client so far, it seems you have a progressive accomplishment, how do you feel? 
Yeah it’s good man, i’m happy with what I’ve done so far. Just been trying to find the balance of being able to work for who you want as-well as pay the rent – just cracked it. Now ready for bigger projects again. 

3How about maintaining your work, what you do for it?
Constantly looking. Being in cahoots with people you want to work with. Being in the right places i guess. I’ve got a good flow of work at the moment. Pretty busy. I just want to land more exciting & bigger projects. 

4. Do you have a specialised style? What is your favourite brand to work with and why?
Harsh n rigid. They’re all so different, I enjoy each experience differently.
5. How is the atmosphere there in London as a graphic designer?
Its cool. Very clique-y with brands and stuff. I wish people were a bit freer and more open to abstract ideas.

6. Do you have another project? I mean outside of graphic design?
I work for palace concession store in Doverstreet Market part time. 

7.When we spoke about collaborating for our drop, how do you feel about the theme, ‘Esoteric’?
I thought it was super interesting! Definitely got me more hyped to make something and resonated with similar themes i’ve played with before. 

8.Let us know, what is ‘Relighting this Fire’ about?
It’s about death, reincarnation, sins, torture and hell. Inspired by the suffering shown in the Indonesian comic, Siksa Neraka. 

9. Any upcoming projects?
Always – Keep em peeled www.lui-gds.co.uk / @louisgoods 

10. ’Any last words for us’ (?) 
Not really, thanks for showing love though. I’m excited for the spring tie-dye tee!PEACE X

LOUIS GOODALL >> https://www.lui-gds.co.uk/