It’s undeniably tough out there right now. Our previous work-life balance has been interrupted. Some of us try to be more philosophical, some others may understandably be worried or stressed. It’s hard for all of us, but it’s not enough to stop our creativity to move forward.

DOMESTIK tries to push our creative boundaries directly through our main approach: graphics. Over the past few weeks, we have been putting our minds into developing Repurposed Deadstock zine.

Repurposed Deadstock features the work of 26 amazing artists, whereas the main concept is to create a new story with their previous graphics and artworks. We try to push our limits to restructure and combine old works from respectable artists with DOMESTIK aesthetics. Through our connections in this digital age, the usage of images instead of words and sentences is a tribute to the ancestors’ ways to communicate and tell a story.

We hope to engage your creative thinking skills and stimulate your mind with positive thoughts with this Repurposed Deadstock zine. We hope to inform, inspire, and unify us all. Keep up each other’s spirits, give and receive feedback on each other’s work. Promise it will be fun and it will keep you sane.

Alberto Perancho
Brain Close
Cali Thornihill Dewitt
Classic Paris
Daniel David Freeman
Daniel Sansavini
Gustavo Eandi
Jess Kohl
Junior Executive
Kosuke Kawamura
K.T Kobel
Michael Kusumadjaja
Paige Silveria
Ryusuke Uda
Sara Sani
Tim Kottmann
Toby Evans
UG Okamoto